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Doulas are trained individuals that provide physical, emotional, informational support regarding birthing options and advocacy for pregnant people during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Doulas are not medically trained, and do not provide medical care, but play an important role in addressing gaps in maternal health.

Doulas play a pivotal role in removing barriers to birthing education, advocacy, and labor support, particularly in marginalized communities.

Doulas are individuals that live in the community, with shared values and can provide culturally appropriate birthing education.

Doulas can provide you with a range of services and support that includes:

  • improving the birthing experience and increase positive birthing outcomes
  • providing prenatal education and advocacy support to help empower birthing families with information and resources to prepare for the perinatal period to facilitate self-advocacy and shared decision making with your obstetric provider
  • providing continuity of care throughout your prenatal, birth and postpartum journey with their presence and listening ear by sustaining an intimate continuous relationship that is more connected to the lived-experiences of birthing families
  • supporting different methods of pain and relaxation strategies during birth including breathing techniques, relaxation methods, touch and massage, and different laboring positions
  • providing postpartum support as you transition to your new role and adjust after delivery

Having a doula has been shown to lead to a more positive perception of your birth experiences and improve health outcomes, such as reducing C-sections.

Doulas are well suited to improve racial disparities in birthing outcomes by making sure that those who face the greatest risk of lack of access, discrimination, or mistreatment, receive the additional support they require.

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